Business Coaching

"Harriet has been a fantastic business coach for me personally. She helped me see new opportunities which I have been able to monetise whilst at the same time making sure that my existing core business wasn’t compromised. She is very detailed but at the same time, she encourages the “just do it” attitude. I owe a lot to Harriet and she has moved my business on leaps and bounds. A fantastic coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking to expand their business. "

"Dear Harriet,

I want to express my appreciation for your guidance and assistance in helping me structure and set up my Business. At the time, the process was very new to me. Success is only possible with in-depth understanding of requirements.

You worked closely with me throughout the entire process providing stable and consistent support, showing me different ways to structure the deal to make the most out of it.

Your professional and timely commitment to helping me achieve the goal is exemplary. As a result, I was able to develop and build my business."

Personal Development


Harriet Dunn has been a real benefit to me and my business. She has the perfect combination of business knowledge and real-world experience. Her willingness to help and hold me accountable have helped me in positive ways that I couldn’t have anticipated.

After only working together for a few weeks we have deployed techniques, skills and strategies that will increase my small business profits threefold in the next 12 months.

Harriet really got what I wanted to accomplish for myself and my business and had a great deal of insight into how to get me there. She did not try to fit my business and myself into some box that would make me uncomfortable.

She was always calm and willing to listen, but also observant enough to know when to get me outside off my comfort zone in order for me to grow and develop as a person and a business owner.


I felt she always had the utmost respect for me and this allowed me to connect with her approach and style when it came to knowledge transfer and learnings.

I’d always shied away from personal development and even more so when it came to grow a business, but Harriet made the information clear and logical. And she always provided a strong case for want she wanted me to do. “Thank you Harriet!”


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